Driver & Store Registration Requirements.

Driver's Registration Requirements  (SUB TERMS AND CONDITIONS)


1.1  Drivers must meet up with the registration requirement before they can be activated,

  • Upload up-to-date driver's licenses that match the personal information uploaded to our system.

  • Upload an up-to-date  vehicle insurance document that matches the vehicle details that the driver has uploaded to our system

  • Upload a professional clear profile picture on your Anayer profile page.

1.2  Equipment Quality Policy

Minimum requirements

  • 15-year-old vehicle or newer

  • 4-door vehicle

  • Good condition with no cosmetic damage

  • No commercial branding

  • Pass the Nigeria VIO/Road safety vehicle inspection Test.


Cosmetic guidelines

Some cosmetic features may prevent vehicles from qualifying. These include:

• Full-body wraps containing advertisements, or any large ads

• Holes in exterior

• Taxi decals or taxi-style paint

• Significant damage to interior (torn seats, large permanent stains, strong permanent odors)

• Paint oxidation

• Different colored hoods/doors

• Aftermarket modifications

• Window tinting must be within acceptable CA regulations


All drivers must maintain their own insurance policy in accordance with state and local laws.


1.3 Sign-up And Loyalty Bonus withdrawal requests shall be given to only drivers who have met the following requirement after registration.

  •  At least stay online for 8 hours a day between the time of 6: 00 am to 20: 00 pm five days a week. 

  • Successfully completed three (3) trips (rides/delivery) after registration.

  • Has made a minimum of twenty thousand naira (N20K ) in total fare from completed trips (rides/delivery).   

    Store Registration Requirements

    1. Store Name:

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  • Store owners must provide a unique and valid store name that adheres to the platform's naming guidelines.   


    2. Valid ID Card:

  • Store owners are required to submit a copy of a valid identification document, such as a national ID card, voter card, or driver's license, for identity verification.


    3. Matching Information:

  • The name provided during store registration must match the name on the submitted valid ID card.


    4. Store Logo:

  • A distinctive store logo is mandatory. It should be an original design that represents the store's brand.


    5. Contact Information:

  • Store owners must provide a valid mobile number and email address for communication purposes. This information will be used for order notifications and customer inquiries.


    6. Store Pickup Address:

  • Store owners should mark their store pickup location accurately on Google Maps. This address will be used for order pickups, and customers should be able to locate the store easily.


    7. Physical Store Address:

  • An accurate physical store address is required for administrative purposes and to display on the platform. This information helps customers understand the store's location.


    8. Item Images:

  • The images of listed items must be of high quality and accurately represent the products. Images play a crucial role in attracting customers, and misleading representations are not allowed.

  • Uploading of items can not be done on the vendor app, this can only be done on the web. Store owners are expected to log into their store account from the web (https://www.anayer.com/sign-in) as a store and from there they can upload their items to the store. 

    9. Pricing Structure:

  • Store owners must set prices that cover all necessary platform commissions while ensuring that the prices remain competitive and profitable. Transparent pricing contributes to a positive shopping experience for customers.


    10. Business Registration Certificate:

  • Store owners should provide a valid business registration certificate, such as a Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) certificate or relevant certification based on the type of business.

    10. 1 Certifications (if applicable):

  • Depending on the nature of the business, store owners may need to provide specific certifications, such as:

    • Pharmacists Council of Nigeria (PCN) certification for pharmacies.

    • National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research & Development (NIPRD) certification.

    • National Agency for Food and Drug Administration & Control (NAFDAC) certification.

    • Institute of Chartered Chemists of Nigeria (ICCON) certification for chemical-related businesses.

    • Restaurant certification for food establishments.

    • Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC)  certificate.



    11. Order Cancellation:

  • If a customer wishes to cancel an order, they must contact "Anayer Technologies Inc" customer support. Orders can only be canceled through direct communication with customer support.


    12. Compliance with Regulations:

  • Store owners should comply with all local, regional, and national regulations related to their business operations and the sale of goods.


    13. Terms and Conditions Acknowledgment:

  • Store owners must acknowledge and agree to abide by the platform's terms and conditions during the registration process.


    14. Contact for Clarifications:

  • Store owners are encouraged to contact "Anayer Technologies Inc" customer support for more details or if they encounter challenges during the registration process.

  • These comprehensive requirements aim to ensure the legitimacy of stores on your e-commerce platform and comply with industry-specific regulations and certifications, all while incorporating the company name "Anayer Technologies Inc."


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